Vercingetorix of Gaul


Level 4 Warlord Str: 17 Dex: 10 Con: 12 Int: 14 Wis: 12 Cha: 19

HP: 44

Surges Per Day: 7

Trained Skills: Diplomacy, Heal, History, Intimidate

Feats: Inspired Recovery, Improved Inspiration, Toughness, Improved Inspiring Word

Class Features: Combat Leader, Commanding Presense(Inspiring), Inspiring Word

Powers: Inspiring Word You call out to a wounded ally and offer inspiring words of courage and determination that helps that ally heal. Encounter(special) Martial, Healing Special: You can use this power twice per encounter, but only once per round. at 16th level, you can use inspiring word three times per encounter. Minor Action Close Burst 5 Target: you or one ally in burst Effect: The target can spend a healing surge and regain an additional 1d6 Hit Points The amount of additional hit points regained is 2d6 at 6th level, 3d6 at 11th Level, 4d6 at 16th level, 5d6 at 21st level, and 6d6 at 26th level.

Commander’s Strike With a shout, you command an ally to attack. At-Will, Martial, Weapon Standard Actoin Melee weapon Target: one creature Attack: an ally of your choice makes a melee basic attack against the target. Hit: ally’s basic attack damage + your intellegence modifer

Wolf Pack Tactics Step by step, you and your friends surround the enemy. At-Will Martial, Weapon Standard Action Melee Weapon Target: One Creature Special: Before you attack, you let one ally adjacent to either you or the target shift 1 square as a free action. Attack: Strength V. AC Hit: 1(W)+ Strength Modifer damage Increase Damage to 2(W) + Str modifier at 21st level

Warlord’s Strike One convincing cut is all you need to reveal the enemy’s weakness and spur your allies into finishing him off. Encounter, Martial, Weapon Standard Action, Melee Weapon Target: One Creature Attack: Str V. AC Hit: 2(W) + Str Modifer Damage. Until the end of your next turn, all of your allies gain 2 bonus to damage rolls against the target. Inspiring Presense: The Bonus to damage rolls is equal to 1 your charisma Modifer

Shielding Retaliation * Warlord Attack 3 You step in front of an attack meant for your ally and give the attacker a staggering blow. Your friend can then move to a better position. Encounter ✦ Martial, Weapon Immediate Interrupt Melee 1 Trigger: An adjacent enemy hits an ally with an opportunity attack Effect: The opportunity attack hits you instead. Target: The triggering enemy Attack: Strength vs. AC Hit: 2[W] + Strength modifier

Fearless Rescue * Warlord Attack 1 One of your allies falls, and without regard for your own wellbeing, you rush to make the attacker pay. Your bravery inspires your ally to fight on. Daily ✦ Healing, Martial, Weapon Immediate Reaction Melee weapon Trigger: An enemy within 5 squares of you reduces an ally to 0 hit points or fewer Target: The triggering enemy Effect: Before the attack, you can move to the nearest square from which you can attack the target. Attack: Strength + 1 vs. AC Hit: 2[W] + Strength modifier damage. Effect: The ally can spend a healing surge and regains an additional 1d6 hit points for every opportunity attack you provoke while moving to the target.

Aid the Injured Your Presence is both a comfort and an Inspiration Encounter, Healing, Martial Standard Action Melee Touch Target: You or one adjacent ally Effect: The target can spend a healing surge


Vercingetorix of Gaul

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