Str: 24 Dex: 16 Con: 28 Int: 12 Wis: 20 Cha: 16 Level 7 Ranger

(statsitics are GM only due to mysterious nature of NPC)


The world of man overlaps a world more primal and real, the howls from within peircing our reality every now and then.

Lords of this spirit world are known by the more reverent of savages, and myths of “Caliaa, the Great Bear Spirit” have surfaced.

Caliaa is proud and strong, a tower of a beast 9 feet tall on all fours, nearly 15 feet high on his hind legs. Caliaa speaks with an etheral, fierce voice that echos within one’s head. He speaks of honor, strength, and duty to those who have earned his resepct, but he speaks of pain, blood, and the taste of mortal flesh to those who have angered him.


Planescape: Primal, The next Age MattTaylorDM