Ancient Gaul

Ancient Gaul

(page for the first major setting, Gaul)

(bordred to the north by Avillon, the West by Basque, the Northeast by Germania the southeast by Masilia and the south by The Roman Republic)

The game takes place during the early spring of 56 BC in Gaul, an area northwest of early Rome. For game purposes, the continent is controlled by political groups representing three Gaullic tribes and Rome.

The Veneti Ceaser has conquored this tribe, but survivors remain in what will eventually be known as Normandy. The Veneti tribe is protected by The Gaulic druids and more specifically, The watchers. Veneti is known among the Gaullic tribes as the center of Druidic power in Celtic lands. The tribe is currently ruled by the child-queen Nadine

The Averni The Averni tribe is more than it once was, united by Vercengetorix against the Roman invasions. It is currently the largest surviving tribe in central Gaul, and the only real threat to Roman rule of the area.

The Belgae tribes A group of tribes controls what will eventually be known as Belgim, and their large armies serve as a wall to current Roman expansion. Close relations with the Germanic tribes east of Belgae reinforces their strength.

Caeser’s Army Gaius Julias Caeser controls a large force of Roman soldiers that threatens the Celts as a culture.

Ancient Gaul

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